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This single cylinder air cooled 2 stroke 100CC engine is made of aluminium which guarantees its high quality. Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) assembly provides easy start and powerful performance at low fuel cost. There is no need for rope pulling, the motor will simply start and become powerful. The latest high compression slant head spark plug is for extra boost and throttle response. With 2L fuel tank, you can ride longer distance at a time of fuel-filling. Our carburetor has an air-tight design to avoid upsetting the fuel air ratio which can cause engine to overheat, poor performance, or excess vibration. There also comes with fuel filter to provide clean fuel, and chrome plated exhaust muffler to expel exhaust. Also zinc plated sprocket, heavy duty 415 chain, and chain idler pulley included in this kit guarantee smooth rotation. While the clutch and twist-grip throttle with kill switch provide easy start and stop of engine, changeable speed as well as safe operation. Ideal option to convert a normal bike to motorized bike for off road use.

There also comes with all necessary mounting brackets, gaskets and hardware for easy installation. Although a degree of mechanical knowledge and a few hours may be needed to install this bicycle engine kit, you will gain great satisfaction and pleasure out of building your own fun machine! If you are not mechanically inclined to install by yourself, you still can enjoy fun riding by asking your local bike shop to perform the installation!

Product Specification

Engine Type: 2 stroke Single Cylinder Air-Cooled
Bore & Stroke: 50mm x 40mm
Max Power: 6 - 6.5 Horsepower, 5000R/MIN
Compression Ratio: 7:1
Ignition: CDI
Start: Kick Start
Tank Size: 2 Litres
Fuel Consumption: 2.5-3.5L/100Km
Speed: up to 50KM/Hr. Depending On bike size, weight & road Conditions
Type Of Clutch: Rub Bloc Drying
Fuel: Unleaded 91 PETROL Mixed with 2 stroke oil
Start : Kick Start
Tank Capacity: 2L
Lubrication Oil: Two Stroke Oil
Max Speed: 45km/h - 55 km/h
Mixing Ratio of Fuel and Engine oil: 20:1 for new set, 25:1 after 500km 

Package included as below: 
1 × Spark Plug 
1 × Chain Guard 
1 × Chrome Muffler 
1 × Drive Chain Idler 
1 × Push Clutch Lever 
1 × Standard Bike Chain
1 × 100CC 2-Stroke Engine
1 × CD Ignition Assembly 
1 × High Quality Main Bearings 
1 × Black Teardrop Gas Tank (2L) 
1 × Carburetor
1 × Magneto With Kill Switch (on throttle) 
1 × Sprocket
1 × Twist Throttle And Cable With Matching Grip

Important Notes:
  • Bicycle installed with 100cc engine kit is not legal to be used on road /bicycle path in Victoria - please check with local authority for other states.  It is  recommended for off-road or private property use only.
  • Must wear a  helmet when riding ! Do not use for night ride without lighting system.
  • Not suitable for bikes with  front frame wider than 50mm
  • Always wear a suitable helmet when riding. Not suggested for night use. If unavoidable, please make sure adequate lighting system is operating at night
  • Professional installation suggested , to install this kit you will need certain skills and tools. Please check the frame guide before purchase
  • Please note that this engine is the new generation, there are a small screw in the package which can be screwed straight on the arm of lock, no longer brass bit needed 
  • Use only high-grade 2 stoke motorcycle oil to ensure proper engine lubrication 
  • 20% restocking fee will be applied for returning, please kindly check before purchase to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Speed limit & KM Range depend on weight, road and weather conditions.
  • U Bracket is not included, you may need to buy it separately if your bike needed.

Important Instruction for all new motors:
  • For the first 2 to 4 tanks of fuel, avoid using more than 3/4 throttle . 
  • Always avert high engine speeds. 
  • 2 stroke mixing oil is very important and must be done right to the right ratio . we recommend 15:1 for the first 3 tanks, 25:1 after that.
  • Stop half hour riding to cool down the engine.
  • Poorly broken in motor will see mediocre gas mileage and lower performance, or even making piston seized ,Please make sure you break in correctly. 

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