Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter Electric Hover Board Skateboard Hover Shoes Hovershoes

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MONSTERPRO Electric Hover Shoes Hover Board Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Skate Smart HoverShoes


The hover shoes features a 250 Watt motor in each wheel which can travel up to 10km distance at a top speed of 12km/h on a full charge. The footplates are nonslip and can support a maximum weight of 100kg. The compact size and light weight make the shoes very convenient to carry wherever you go. More importantly, the hovershoes are very easy to ride and control, giving you much more fun and relaxing yourself.

250W motorised brush-less motor in each wheel
Keep the fun rolling at the top speed of 12km/h and 10km cruising distance
Nonslip textured footplates support riders up to 100kg
Battery takes about 2-3 hours to full charge
Compact design for portability, weighs only 3.3kg (7.3lb) each.
Made of aluminium alloy, super strong and durable.
Balanced movements on the footplates to go forward/backward, turn and stop.
Model:  Monsterpro Hovershoes
 SKU:  S130BLK
 Material:  Alloy & Rubber
 Waterproof:   IP54
 Working Temperature:   0 ℃~40 ℃
 Recommended Age  12 - 50 Year old
 Max. Weight Support  100 Kg
 Max. Speed   12 Km/h
 Gradeability  9°
 Motor Power  250W*2
 Battery Capacity  18650 Lithium Cell, 24V 2AH
 Max Range  10 Km
 Battery Discharge Cycle Life  500
 Charging Time  Around 2-3 Hours
 Net Weight  3.3 Kg*2
 Warranty   12 months manufacturer warranty for Controller & Motor, 6 months for Li-ioBattery  
 Wheel Size  3.5" (Diameter)
Package Included:
1 x Hover Shoe (Pair)
1 x Charger Set



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Important Notes: This product is intended for use on safe, dry smoothly paved or hard surfaces. We strongly recommend the use of safety equipment. All the products were taken in-kind, due to camera, light, display parameters and other factors, there may have colour aberration. Speed limit & range depend on weight, riding style, road and weather conditions. Warning Risk of Death and Serious Injury Whenever you ride on hovershoe, your risk injuried from loss of controls, collisions and fallings. Always wear helmet, gloves, elbow guard and other protective gear for safety reasons. Do not ride it after you drink or eat Don't ride without proper training and guidance. Don't carry passengers. Don't make stunt performance or turn abruptly, otherwise it may break the balance of vehicle and increase the risk of loss control. Ride with correct driving techniques and avoid turning in hills. Hover Shoe is a commuting machine instead of a transportation machine, please do not ride it on the vehicle road. Please ride the scooters on private property or inside a building. Personal safety is the priority when the rider is about to fall. Children must be supervised by adults when riding the Wheel. Do not lift hovershoe off the ground when the unit is turned on. This will cause the wheel to spin freely which could result in injury to yourself or damage to things around you. Disclaimer By bidding on this item, the user/purchaser is waiving the the seller any responsibility for any damage or injury incurred as a result of riding the pocket bike or otherwise. We are under no circumstances liable for any injuries or harm caused a result of using the bike, improperly or otherwise. Parent supervision is mandatory when the rider is a child. Helmets are to be worn by the rider during all times when riding these vehicles. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that the bike has been configured safe and thoroughly check before riding. In addition, we are not liable in any circumstances if the auction description is incorrect. Although care is taken, any errors or omissions in the product details are unintentional and not subject to liability. Please be aware of this before you purchase. Warranty Our electric scooters come with 12 Months Manufacturer warranty for Controller & Motor, 6 Months warranty for Battery. Any damage incurred by improper usage/negligence would not be covered by the warranty. If the device is defected and faulty please contact us and send the faulty unit back to us for repair. If item is not repairable we will offer a replacements. The warranty is void in the event of: Improper repair and refit in other places that are not our repairers. Any failure and damage caused by accident and misuse. Any failure and damage caused by fall-offs and improper use of the scooter. Any failure and damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood, chemical corrodes, lightning strike and other natural disasters. Any failure caused by lampblack, dust, water, direct sunlight etc. The serial no. on the product has been removed or altered. Damage due to long-term power lack and water log Plastics, Rubber, Tyres and LED light and Quick Wear Parts are not covered by warranty

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