Pros and Cons of different types of electric bike conversion kits

There are several types of electric bike conversion kits available on the market. Here are some common motor types:


Hub Motor Kits

These kits replace the front or rear wheel of a traditional bike with a wheel that contains a hub motor. They are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and do not require extensive modifications to the bike. Hub motor conversion kits come in two types: front hub motors and rear hub motors. As the name suggests, front hub motors are located in the front wheel of the bike, while rear hub motors are located in the rear wheel. This difference in location can affect the handling and balance of the bike, with some riders preferring the feel of a rear hub motor due to its more natural weight distribution. Front hub motors are generally easier to install and maintain, while rear hub motors offer more power and torque.

Mid-Drive Kits

These kits replace the bike's bottom bracket and crankset with a motor and chainring, allowing the motor to power the bike through the chain. They are more powerful than hub motor kits and offer better weight distribution, but are more complex and expensive.

Friction Drive Kits 

These kits attach a motor to the bike frame and use a roller to drive the bike's rear wheel. They are the least common type of conversion kit and are generally less powerful than hub or mid-drive kits.



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