35mm Black CNC Clip On Handle bars HANDLEBAR for Yamaha XT-200 J/K/KC 82-83

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Specification & Features:
-- Aftermarket racing style clip-on handlebars replacement
-- Condition: 100% Brand New
-- Quantity: 1 Set (Left & Right)
-- Bar Length: 29.5cm
-- Bar Size: 22.2mm/Aprx 7/8 inch
-- Fork Clamps Diameter: 35mm
-- Color:Black
-- Economical Replacement Handlebar With Amazing Strength
-- CNC Machined From T6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
-- Hard Anodised Finishing For Increased Longevity
-- Ergonomic Design Minimizes Fatigue And Discomfort By Creating The Optimal Riding Position
-- Stainless Steel Fasteners and Delrin Plastic Ends Add The Finishing Touches
-- Removable Handlebar & Adjustable Motion Fore and Aft
-- No Installation Instruction
Fitment (Please check the size before purchase):
35mm Fork Tubes
for Honda CBX 79-80
for Honda CL72 Scrambler 250 
for Honda CL77 Scrambler 305 
for Honda MR-250 Elsinore 76 
for Honda SL-350 Motosport 350 72 
for Honda CB-450 70-74 
for Honda CL-450 Scrambler 69-72 
for Honda CB-500 500 Four 71-73 
for Honda CX-500 C Custom 81-82 
for Honda GB-500 89-90 
for Honda GL-500/I 81-82 
for Honda CB-550 550 Four K 74-78 
for Honda CB-650 79-80 
for Honda CB-650 81-82 
for Honda CB-650 C 80 
for Honda CB-750 750 Four 70-72 
for Honda CB-750 A 750 Hondamatic 76-78 
for Honda CB-750 C Custom 80-82 
for Honda CB-750 K 69 
for Honda CB-750 F Super Sport 75-78 

for Honda CB-750 F 79-80 

for Suzuki RE-5M A 
for Suzuki RL-250 L/M Exacta 74-75 
for Suzuki TS-250 1 Savage 69 
for Suzuki TS-250 B/C/N 77-79 
for Suzuki GN-400 80-82 
for Suzuki GN-400 T/XT/XX/TX/TZ 80-82 
for Suzuki TM-400 K/L/M Cyclone 73-75 
for Suzuki GS-450 LD 83 
for Suzuki GS-450 LF/LG/LH/LJ 85-88 
for Suzuki GT-500 A/B Titan 76-77 
for Suzuki GT-550 J/K Indy 72-73 
for Suzuki GT-550 K KAYABA / L 73-74 
for Suzuki GS-550 B/C/EC 77-78 
for Suzuki GS-550 LN/LT 79-80 
for Suzuki GS-550 LX/ LZ 81-82 
for Suzuki GS-550 LG 86 
for Suzuki GR-650 D/XD Tempter 83 
for Suzuki GS-650 81-83 
for Suzuki GS-650 EX/EZ 81-82 
for Suzuki GS-650 GLX/GLZ/GLD 81-83 
for Suzuki GT-750 Lemans 72-77 
for Suzuki GS-750 B/C/EC 77-78 
for Suzuki GS-750 EX/EZ 81-82 
for Suzuki GS-750 LT/LX 80-81 

for Suzuki GS-750 TZ/TD 82-83 

for Yamaha YZ-100 G/H 80-81 
for Yamaha IT-125 H 81 
for Yamaha RT-180 A/B/C 90-93 
for Yamaha XT-200 J/K/KC 82-83 
for Yamaha XT-250 G/H/J/K/KC 80-83 
for Yamaha TZ-250 C/D/E 76-78 
for Yamaha TZ-250 F 79 
for Yamaha RZ-350 L/N/NC/NCII 84-85 
for Yamaha TZ-350 /C/D/E 72-78 
for Yamaha XS-400 J/K Maxim 82-83 
for Yamaha SR-500 E/F/G/H 78-81 
for Yamaha XS-500 C/D/E 76-78 
for Yamaha XJ-550 RH/RJ/RK Seca 81-83 
for Yamaha XZ-550 RJ/RK Vision 82-83 
for Yamaha XS-650 D/E/F/2F 77-79 
for Yamaha XS-650 SE/SF/SG/SH/SJ 78-82 
for Yamaha TX-750/A 73-74 

for Yamaha XS-750 D 77

for Kawasaki KZ-550 H1/H2 GP 82-83
for Kawasaki ZX-550 A1-A3 GPz 84-86
Important Note: 
Please Measure Your Fork Tubes Size Before Ordering, Make Sure It Will Fit Your Bike.
Some years or models may slightly different, please check before purchase. IMPORTANT!
Some bikes may or may not fit without modification. You may need to drill small hole(s) in the throttle and/or clutch side handlebar tube(s) for the control switch housing.
All the products were taken in-kind, due to camera, light, display parameters and other factors, there may have color aberration.

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