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49cc 2 stroke Pull Start Engine Motor Mini Pocket PIT Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy

49cc 2 stroke Pull Start Engine Motor Mini Pocket PIT Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy


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  • Complete 49cc 2 stroke engine for pocket bike, mini dirt bike, ATV or scooter with 3rd bearing support & alloy pull starter
  • Always wanted to finish that project but couldn't find a small compact, but powerful motor?
  • Your pocket/dirt bike or ATV 49cc engine has blown/passed on but you don't want to spend hundreds on rebuilding or buying a brand new bike?
  • Wanting to upgrade that slow and old 43cc engine to a new and larger capacity 49cc engine to blow away the competition?
  • Want to beat the bidding rush and have this engine in your hands as soon as possible?
  • TDRMOTO has given you the opportunity to say YES to all of the following above questions. So why wait and pay more?
  • Our engines have gotten even better, now coming with an ALLOY PULL STARTER & 3rd bearing support which helps REDUCE THE VIBRATION ON THE CHAIN AND THE FRONT SPROCKET - Preventing early front sprocket snapping and having to replace your clutch housing. Suits Mini Dirt Bike, Pocket Bike or ATV

Important notes:

  • Please kindly check the sizes before purchased, mounting dimension provided
  • Professional installation highly recommended to avoid the damage to engine, we will not take responsibility if engine or part damage due to improper installation

Package includes:

  • Clutch
  • Intake manifold
  • Carburettor Fitted with fuel on/off tap
  • Clutch & Clutch Housing
  • 6 tooth sprocket
  • Quality high performance Spark Plug
  • Engine head and piston set
  • Aluminium Pull Starter (Manual pull)
  • Wires for kill switch
  • Aluminium/Steel composite outer casing pull starter
  • Inner Pull Starter Cog also Aluminium/Steel Composite
  • T8F 35H 134L 67 Links Chain (option only)
  • 44 teeth or 64 teeth sprocket (option only)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lachlan Jackson
Solid engine

Before I got it running accidently snapped a piece of metal off when putting a mounting bolt in but other than my mistake love it

ernie mayne
My Evaluation.

I was / am very happy with the price I have had to pay, excellent! The air-cleaner supplied is a great improvement in design from the "original", well received. The unit is a little hard to start as I feel that it could do with a heavier flywheel to give a bit more rotational energy to over-come the shock loading on the recoil starter. Apart from that, a nice unit. I have fitted a "BM4A" Spark Plug" in place of the usual "BM6A" because the "BM6A" tended to keep fouling with a 30:1 fuel Mix. I will further evaluate this matter when I put it to work. THANKYOU.