49cc 2 stroke Pull Start Engine Motor Mini Pocket PIT Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy

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Brand New Complete 49CC 2 Stroke Engine 
for Pocket Bike, Mini Dirt Bike, ATV or Scooter with 3rd BEARING SUPPORT & ALLOY PULL STARTER
Always wanted to finish that project but couldn't find a small compact, but powerful motor?
Your pocket/dirt bike or ATV 49cc engine has blown/passed on but you don't want to spend hundreds on rebuilding or buying a brand new bike?
Wanting to upgrade that slow and old 43cc engine to a new and larger capacity 49cc engine to blow away the competition?
Want to beat the bidding rush and have this engine in your hands as soon as possible?
TDR MOTO has given you the opportunity to say YES to all of the following above questions. So why wait and pay more?
Our engines have gotten even better, now coming with an ALLOY PULL STARTER & 3rd bearing support (High quality steel bell with bearing) which helps REDUCE THE VIBRATION ON THE CHAIN AND THE FRONT SPROCKET - Preventing early front sprocket snapping and having to replace your clutch housing.
Suits Mini Dirt Bike, Pocket Bike or ATV
The whole package comes with 
1. Heavy Duty Clutch
2.  Intake manifold
 3. Carburettor Fitted with fuel on/off tap
4.  Clutch & Clutch Housing
 5. 6 tooth sprocket (TF8 chain)
 6. Qualty high performace Spark Plug
7.  Engine head and piston set
8.Aluminum Pull Starter (Manual pull)
9.  Wires for kill switch
10.Heavy duty Aliminium/Steel composite outer casing pull starter
11.  Inner Pull Starter Cog also Aliminum/Steel Composite
100% assembled as can be view in the pictures

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