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Car Motor Tire Plugger Tubeless Tyre Wheel Repair Kit w/Plug Rubber Plugging

Car Motor Tire Plugger Tubeless Tyre Wheel Repair Kit w/Plug Rubber Plugging


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  • Item: Meridian Vacuum TireĀ Plugger
  • Size: 380mm * 255mm * 60mm
  • Material: The main tool of high quality metal, rubber butyl rubber products (86mm + 88mm)
  • Performance: Good tire effect , long-lasting tire .
  • Package includes a tire plugger tip +2 +2 pieces
  • Cone knife bottle lubricant +1 +1 bag bullets + A manual


  1. Clean Chong Kong: remove dirt hole created special cone knife back and forth several times inside and outside of all the dirt will create holes divisible.
  2. Mounted rubber bullets: Tire pushed the back pin buckle, making the final push rod back position. According to Chong hole sizes to choose different types of rubber bullets, coated with lubricating economic, rubber bullets tail insertion bore, thin end of the tube with a small tip of the rubber bullets to promote the chamber, according to advance inside the barrel rubber bullets (size ) can choose the appropriate spin on both tips.
  3. Install the plastic leader: according to the size of the choice of different plastic tips leader, insert the tip.
  4. Vacuum tire law: The lead has been installed plastic head tire plugger, tire alignment when creating holes that pulled the trigger insertion site within the tire, rubber bullets estimated bacteria shield Ministry has pressed the tip, dial tire after the plugger, then hand or pliers to gently pull the tail rubber bullets, so bacteria shield the rubber bullets, snapping tire wall, then cut off the excess bullets outside rear tire, tire repair is completed, either sufficient gas to make it normal exercised.
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