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Boost Power Bottle For 2 Stroke Engine Pocket Bike 49cc-80cc

Boost Power Bottle For 2 Stroke Engine Pocket Bike 49cc-80cc


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  • BOOST BOTTLE For 2 Stroke Engine Mini Pocket Bike
  • Simple & effective, Never needs topping up or refilling, Offers faster throttle response, Smoother riving & more power
  • Come with an matching manifold

Want to know how the Boost bottle works?

  • The bottle's function is to absorb & release pressure pulses from within the intake, assisting the breathing of a 2 stroke engine. During the intake stroke, air is sucked through the intake manifold and into the port at a considerable velocity. Because of this velocity with the air's mass, it has inertia. When the intake port closes, the flowing air suddenly has nowhere to go, creating a high-pressure area. Naturally, the air wants to release its pressure in the easiest way possible, so it tries to shoot back out the way it came, creating a pressure wave in the opposite direction of the intake direction. Then no sooner does the wave begin to travel, the intake port suddenly opens again leaving the motor to try and pull the pressure wave back in again. This dramatically effects the lower RPM power band, wastes energy, and kills low-end performance.
  • Now with a BOOST BOTTLE fitted, Air goes down the manifold until the intake port closes. The flowing tries to escape back up the manifold but is met with a small port that has a residual vacuum. This vacuum being caused by the previous suction of the intake stroke, sucks most of the pulse inside the Power Bottle, storing much of the pulse's energy. The intake valve then suddenly opens, creating a low-pressure area outside of the Bottle. The gasses then shoot out of the Bottle, directly into the intake system as a pressure pulse, instead of having to be pulled in by the piston. More air is then also pulled in from the manifold to completely fill the cylinder? Thus giving you an additional boost of power. These have been Dyno tested and proven to work, they show more hp increase on the low end, some hp increase at mid rpm, and a little hp increase on top end. Power bottles work best in conditions where a rider is constantly going from full throttle, to closed throttle, then back to full. like on a motocross track, or very small tight road course.
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