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500W 48V TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit (Battery & Charger Not Included)

500W 48V TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit (Battery & Charger Not Included)

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  • Universal compatibility: Fits most bikes in market with 68-73mm bottom bracket, free installation wrench
  • Torque and cadence sensor: Much smoother and better, as it can match your power, not just turn on or off when you do
  • Three riding Mode (E-bike & Pedal Assisted bicycle, Pedalling bicycle, Pure Power bicycle) for you to choose, you can choose the E-bike to enjoy a long time travel, and doing some exercise
  • Light weight and powerful: 30% lighter than a Bafang motor for almost the same power output


  • Model: TSDZ2 mid-drive high speed geared motor
  • Position: Mid Motor
  • Construction: Gear Motor
  • Rated Voltage: 48V
  • Power: 500W
  • Max Torque: 80N.m
  • Controller: Integrated into the motor
  • Sensor: Torque sensor is integrated into the motor
  • Controller: Integrated into the motor
  • Power Assist Ratio: 36%-300%
  • Bottom Bracket: 68mm-73mm
  • Chain Wheel: 42T
  • Limited current: 15A
  • Max Speed: 40km/h
  • Motor weight: 3.6kg
  • IP-Code: IP54

Why TSDZ2 Mid Drive?

  • Fits 95% of standard bike frames with 68-73mm bottom bracket
  • Built in torque sensor, this results in much smoother acceleration than any cadence sensor mid drive motor
  • Easy to install, this kit includes all installation parts and tools
  • The motor has an extra support mount much more reliable install
  • A torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedalling to determine how much electric power to push to the bike. If you pedal gently, you get a gentle assist, if you pedal hard, the motor works harder
  • 4 levels of assist provide smoothly integrated power ranging from +36-300%, allowing you to conquer virtually any hill with ease
  • This kit retrofit most bicycles by replacing the bottom bracket & crankset assembly - to utilise the existing drivetrain & gears for maximum efficiency
  • The VLCD-5 is a larger, centre mounted display with ports and wiring for a throttle, e-brakes, and an external handlebar mounted button panel. It also houses a USB port for charging your mobile device (installation/use of the throttle, e-brakes, and/or external button panel is optional)
  • 12 months replacement warranty for motor

What's in the box

  • 1 x Mid Central Motor
  • 1 x VLCD-5 LCD display panel
  • 1 x Cranks
  • 1 x Speed Sensor
  • 1 x Gear Button
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x Throttle
  • 1 x Manual

Important notes

  • Battery and charger NOT included
  • The 48V 500W system requires a 48V electro kinetic cell battery with a nominal capacity not less than 10Ah
  • 500W motor is not road legal in Australia, this kit is strictly for off road use
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